About us

MyBee Australia Pty Ltd trading as MyBee Australia is run by a bunch of energetic people passionate about traditional food to bring quality traditional food products from across the world available here in Australia. As immigrants, when we started missing our traditional food products, like Jack Fruit and Ready to eat Jack Fruit Products, Ripe Plantain (Ethappazham), sweet small banana (Palayamkodan), Beef Pickle etc, we thought about the ways to get the products in Australia. That is when we created the concept Together We Make It and named it MyBee. Our objectives are as follows:

  • Create quality food product concepts and collect direct from farmers thus helping them to get a fair income avoiding the middle men.
  • Market and sell MyBee branded traditional products . 
  • Allow anyone to sell quality traditional food products. Just join us and list the products, we will take care of all the business hassle and let you keep selling...

We sell genuine high quality products which we ourselve consume at any given time and sell through this website for our customers for minimal cost. We have multiple vendors manufacturing the listed products as comercial but well monitored for quality as well as produced as home business. We provide a single medium to sell multiple products on minimal cost benefeiting all people involved with the theme Together We Make It thus making this business a pleasant experience.