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About us

MyBee Australia Pty Ltd trading as MyBee Australia is run by a bunch of energetic people passionate about healthy and quality food to bring such traditional food products to be available here in Australia. As immigrants, when we started missing certail pure tropical fruits especially Jackfruit, we thought about the ways to get these in Australia. That is when we created the concept Together We Make It and named it MyBee. We concentrate more on the products based on Jackfruit which is a good meat substitute in Vegan concepts or in general for those who follow healthy food habits. Our objectives are as follows:

  • Create quality food product concepts and collect directly from farmers thus helping them to get a fair income avoiding the middle men.
  • Market and sell MyBee branded quality and healthy plant based food products.
  • Open for ideas and new markets as long as it comes under quality and healthy food habits.

We sell genuine high quality products which we ourselves consume at any given time and sell through this website for our customers for minimal cost possibly we can. We constantly monitor our products for quality and take necessary steps time to time based on customer feedbacks. We believe in a team work between the customers and ourselves along with the farmers who can provide us quality and healthy products customers looking for whether on small scale or large scale benefiting all people involved with the transaction. Therefor our theme Together We Make It aiming at making this business a pleasant experience.