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Playful me, Meen peeras and Sadyas

Playful me, Meen peeras and Sadyas

My roots are from Kaipamangalam, Coastal Trissur and Trivandrum . Us Kaipamangalites have an adorable and long lasting relation with non vegetarian fare. The meats and seafood from there are incredible.

But Alas!!! As per the tradition, only veg is allowed in the Ezhava Sadya( Wedding feast). But the cooks over there truly had the mind of their own!!

When I think of a Hindu wedding, I am swept with a variety of emotions. Excited to see a pretty bride and groom transfixed on each other, thrilled to wear the pattu paavada (Silk skirt and top) and most of all unspeakable tension. I am sure every Malayalee can relate to this...The frantic rush to be in the first round of Sadya. It is virtually a running race to the dining premises to catch a seat and look at the others who didnt win the race victorious air and  that naughty gleam in the eye :D. 

When we sit for a Kaipamangalam  Sadya, in front of a shiny banana leaf, whilst munching on the salty and sweet banana chips, out comes the curries one by one making its signature on the Ela (Banana leaf). The "thottu"(touchings) namely the inji (ginger) curry, achar (Lime and mango pickle) make the first entries. Then comes the majestic kalan(Banana and yam dunked in coconut yogurt) and olans and the avials. Next enters a mount of steaming rice and a ladle of hot sambar to be squished with the crispy papads. 

But the show stopper is the Meen curry(Fish curry) and the Erachi curry (Meat curry). But wait, you might think, didn't this woman say 5 minutes ago, sadhyas are truly vegetarian or pinneyum amnesium pidicha (Is she having memory loss again?)

As flabbergasted as you are , I was the same then. What was it? Fish Curry was actually a ladyfinger curry cooked in cocum, whilst meat curry was soy and potatoes masked in unbelievable non veg gravy.

Finally the much awaited Palada(Rice Pudding) Arrives. Pink, sweet and simply irresistible. To have it from the leaf entwined with the banana leaf flavour. I am drooling now. Some things are better to be tasted than putting in words!!!!

Achan's Kaipamangalam gene has strongly gone through me as well. I adore pulling off  and this one of those dishes.

Presenting Meen peera smothered in coconut oil infused with Kodampulis

Without fish

Made with Mybee Dehydrated Jackfruit

Inspired by Achus Original Meen Peera.

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