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We are not just a business to make just profit but to share, care and make good traditional food possible with a good customer relationship. So we have different levels of loyalty rewards which you can redeem when making purchases. You can start redeeming your points when it is worth $1. Following are the details:

  • FREE DELIVERY to most of the suburbs across Australia when you buy minimum 4 packets or more (600g to 900g). Buy more and get more discounts too. Please use our estimator to check out the rates. Please make sure the postcode and suburb are correct without which the shipping rates calculation wil show higher rate.
  • $2 worth reward point for each product review. When you like our product and give us a review, you earn $1 worth reward point. Please note this is per product and so you have a lot of chance to earn more.
  • $1 worth reward point when you make the first purchase. When you make the first purchase, we give you reward.

  • 50 cents worth reward points on registration. When you register in our website which is a must to buy our products, you get 50 cents worth reward points. You can register using Facebook or Google so you do not have to remember another password. Or you can fill in all the details directly with us to register. But when you take that extra effort, we care and give 50 cents store credit which you can use for your purchase.
  • Buy more than 1 and Get greater discounts: Buy more than one packet of any item or mixed and get discounts. More discounts when you buy more. Please check the sale banner of each product to know exact discount. An example is Buy 4 packets of 250g Dried Jackfruit to save more than $12. When you buy 2 packets, you save more than $4. For any product 3 to 4 packets give you great discounts in delivery across Australia too.
  • We have great discount when you choose to pickup from the available pickup locations. Curently they are near Glenfield/Casula only but this should be aranged directly with MyBee calling in the number displayed.
  • When you become a regular customer as our products are healthy and good for regular use, we will award special discounts just for you based on your purchase habits. So do not get surprised if you find it more cheaper when you login to buy.
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