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Unnakkayas ( A mashed Banana sweet filled with luscious coconut filling) is a Malabar Muslim delicacy. When I think of this dish, this reminds me of one of the misunderstandings Chettan and I had in our initial days as a married couple regarding a Malabar Trip.

I am not in for car journeys. I get incredibly car sick and try my max to avoid it and take the train. Chettan on the other hand gets train sick and adores car journeys. So now you can guess what that argument was potentially about.

In our first trip to India, Chettan wanted to go on a 14 hour car trip to Mookambika (A temple in South Canara district, Karnataka state,550 km from our house ).I disagreed to this plan and Chettan was in the staunch quest to make me a "Sadaranakkaarende bharya" (An ordinary man's wife). In the end, due to unforseen circumstances this trip never took place.

In the subsequent trip to India after Ammu was born, Mookambika plan popped up again. By then Chettan came to terms about my road aversion and left me out. He decided to tag along with his brother Unnichettan (who was on a vacation from New York). Now you may wonder why these minute details?

A tempo traveler was promptly arranged.12 people were a part of this journey from Ernakulam to Mookambika. Breakfast was arranged in Calicut (4 hours away). Chettan was to be picked up from Ernakulam at 5:00 am.

The trip commenced as speculated. But alas!!!! The tempo wheel was punctured within the first half hour itself. After replacing the wheel, they reached Calicut late afternoon for lunch(10 hours traveled).

The driver drove this vehicle at 5-10km per hour. On and off , he dozed off. So someone had to pinch him at regular intervals. Guess who got the duty to do that ? Chettan.

They reached Mookambika in 22 hours and returned back within another 22 hours.

This was when Unnichettan spurted out the running dialogue in our family " New yorkinu ingottu varan verum 18 manikkur, ennaal Mookaambiyalekku ?? 22 manikkoor" ( The travel time for Kochi-New york is just 18 hours, whilst Kochi-Mookambika ?? 22 hours)

I love pulling Chettan's leg and ask him about his ambition to turn me to a "Ordinary man's wife"

Presenting Unnakkayas made from the dehydrated MyBee Nendrapazhams


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