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Unniappams and Kerala temples

Unniappams and Kerala temples

I dream a lot at nights..💤..💤..💤..the most realistic ones are the school ones. My worst night mares are regarding the subjects Hindi, History and Malayalam. Probably because I was never the best at memorising.


When I think of this era, I am usually transported to the Year 12 days. The year a child enters this crucial year, the whole family goes into a tension mode. Mine was not far behind. The parents were always in a religious mode while the children were in a tuition+special class+religious mode. One side of our dining table would be filled with prasadams from various temples across the town.


Amma became a frequenter to the temple long before...A very good reason for this was my intense interest in Studies😬😬😬😬.


I was very naughty when I was in year 5. Exams didn't mean anything to me. I was far more interested in cycling my BSA SLR🚴🚴🚴. I still remember the eve of my Malayalam term exam. Amma asked me whether I  byhearted the Malayalam Poetry. I shook my head and told her "Can I go cycling instead?" cheekily😬😬.


The marks were as expected. Just pass or maybe 60%. I used to come and tell confidently" Amma , the questions were out of syllabus" and the whatever I received was in the second place😇😇. "The first rank in the class always had one mark more than me"


Amma was a smart enough. She would refuse to sign the report card and told me Achan had to sign. Now that was bad news😳😳!!


I found a way to that as well. Achan, those days arose only by 7am and Amma by 5:45am. So the day, I had to sign the answer papers, I would wake up by 6am and sneak into their room when Amma went down.


I would wake Achan and say urgently " Acha, quickly sign the papers, time to go to school.

Poor Achan would be groggy " Is'nt the marks a bit too low?"

Me, " No Acha, this is second in class😌😆" and quickly place the pen in his hand and even position his hand  on the answer sheet to sign" Before the seriousness of the event registered him, all the papers were stashed safely in my school bag.


Years later, it was Sanjan's turn. She came up with the same question "Eda , how to make Achan sign?" I disclosed my old plan to her.


She shook her head sadly" Not possible, da. Achan is up at 4:30 am these days. Not sure what time I will have to get up" 😠.


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Great story and awsome taste too :)