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Recipe for Unniyappam

Recipe for Unniyappam


Dried Palayamkodan pazham: 125g (1/2 pack of MyBee's Dried Small Banana (Palayamkodan))
Rice Flour: 500g
Semolina (Rava): 2 tablespoon
Jaggery : 240g
Baking Soda: 1/4 teaspoon
Coconut sliced into small pieces: 100g
Cardamom powder: 3 pinch
Ghee: enough to fry coconut pieces
Oil: enough for frying

To make Unniyappam, you need a special pan named "Unniyappam Pan" or "Paniyaram Pan".


Soak 125g of dried Palayam kodan pazham (half in the packet) in warm water for 30 minutes.
Boil Jaggery in 500ml of water to make syrup. Once cooled, strain it to loose the impurities.
Fry coconut pieces in ghee and keep it aside.

Now mix 500g of rice flour, two table spoon of semolina, Jaggery syrup and the soaked and drained palayam kodan pazham and cardomom powder and baking soda together in a blender and blend it well

Take this mixture and add the fried coconut slices to it and mix it well. Optionally you can add the ghee left after frying to the mixture.

Make sure you set the batter for at least 30 minutes, before starting to make Unniyappam.


Put the Paniyaram pan on the stove, add one table spoon oil to each mould of the pan and wait till the oil is hot.
Pour spoonful of batter into each mould until 3/4th full and cook on medium flame until the bottom side of the Unniyappam becomes crispy. Now turn the Unniyappam to other side and cook until the color changes to Golden brown.

Unniyappam is now ready :)

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