You might be wondering why we give importance for Jackfruit products?
The simple answer is we love Jackfruit and the dishes made out of Jackfruit. How we know about Jackfruit or even started eating this? We are from Kerala, the southern state of India which is called as God's own country, which is a beautiful state where Jackfruit grows abundantly.

Kerala is a very beautiful state rich with greenary, backwaters and rivers, with most of the country side houses having few trees primarly Coconut, Mango, Guvava, Pappaya, Roseapple, Pineapple and Jackfruit etc. It is a tropical paradise rich of variety of fruits and trees rich in nutrients and health benefits.

The main question now is Why Jackfruit?

There are numberous reasons why we sell and promote Jackfruit.

1. It is something we loved from our childhood. A sweet fruit when ripe, a fruit you can eat stomachfull, a fruit you can make delecious dishes, a fruit rich in nutrients and fiber giving lots of health benefits.

2. The dish made out of raw jackfruit is called "Chakka Puzhukku" or "Chakka Vevichathu" (Mashed Jackfruit, steamed and cooked with coconut and spices) is a great dish, very healthy, tasty and can very well replace a main course. This can also be a side dish as well as eaten as main dish with spicy gravy meat curies or even spicy fish curry.

Below is the picture of the dish with Beef curry on side. This is made using the Dried Jackfruit available in our online store

3. Jackfruit is the best meat replacement in vegan recipes. 

There are variety of dishes that can be made using Jackfruit, especially for the vegan comunity. 

One of the dish is the BQ Pulled pork burger

4. Except the outer skin, Jackfruit can be consumed. The Jackfruit seed also got lots of health benefits and you can make dishes like Jackfruit Seed roast, spicy stir fry etc.

Spicy Jackfruit seed stir fry as in the picture below. The below dish is made using the Dried Jackfruit Seed.

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